Diarrhea | Common Causes and How To Treat It | Gastroenterology


What is diarrhea? Loose and watery diarrhea and more frequent bowel movements are common problems. Fortunately, It is usually short-lived, lasting no more than a few days. But when this problem lasts for weeks, it usually indicates another problem. If you have had this disease for weeks or more, you may have a condition such […]

Lactose Intolerance – an Overview | Gastroenterology

Lactose Intolerance

What is lactose intolerance? People with lactose intolerance cannot fully digest the sugar (lactose) in milk. As a result, they experience diarrhea, gas, and bloating after eating or drinking dairy products. The condition, also called lactose malabsorption, is usually harmless, but its symptoms can be uncomfortable. Usually, very little of the enzyme produced in the […]