What does a Neurologic Physical Therapist do? | Physiotherapy

Neurologic Physical Therapist

What is a neurologic physical therapist? A neurologic physical therapist is a physical therapist who specializes in evaluating and treating respective movement problems due to disease or injury to the nervous system. Neurologic physical therapists can help better or restore the mobility you need to move progressively in your life. What conditions may need neurological […]

Can Hepatitis E be cured completely? | Gastroenterology

Hepatitis E

What is hepatitis E? Hepatitis E is an infectious virus that attacks the liver, causing inflammation and damage. In some people, this can lead to serious problems over time. Treatment is usually simple, and most people do not need medical help to treat hepatitis E. Hepatitis E is a virus that infects your liver. It […]

Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy

About geriatric physical therapy Geriatric physical therapy considered a “medical speciality” in 1989, focuses on the care and treatment of elderly adults. Therapists who choose to work in this area focus their time and energy on helping the elderly maintain or achieve an optimal level of physical health during the natural aging experience. Zones of […]

How do you get Hepatitis D? | Gastroenterology

Hepatitis D

What is hepatitis D? Hepatitis D, also known as the hepatitis delta virus, is an infection that causes redness of the liver. This inflammation disrupts liver function and can cause chronic liver problems, such as liver scarring and cancer. This condition is caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV). The virus is very rare in […]

About Electrophysiology Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy

Electrophysiology Physical Therapy

What is electrophysiology physical therapy? Electrophysiology physical therapists use electricity to heal people. As EPT (Electrophysiology Physical Therapy), you will use innovative science and cutting-edge technology to help patients recover from wounds, muscle spasms, neuromuscular disorders, and chronic pain. Electrophysiology – the use of electricity in medical applications – is most common in heart disease, […]

Hepatitis C – What It Is, Symptoms, How You Get It | Gastroenterology

Hepatitis C

What is hepatitis c? Hepatitis C is a liver infection that can lead to severe liver damage. It is caused by the hepatitis C virus. Approximately 3.9 million people in the world suffer from the disease. But it does cause some symptoms, so most of them are unknown. The virus is transmitted through the blood […]

Inpatient or Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation | Physiotherapy

Stroke Rehabilitation

Overview of stroke rehabilitation Post-stroke rehabilitation is an important part of stroke recovery. Find out what is involved in stroke rehabilitation. The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help you relearn the skills you lost when a stroke affected part of your brain. Stroke rehab can assist you with recapturing your autonomy and improve your […]

What is Hepatitis A? | Gastroenterology

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a type of hepatitis caused by infection with the hepatitis A virus. It is a type of acute hepatitis that usually does not require treatment.

Posture and Ergonomics – an Overview | Physiotherapy

Posture and Ergonomics

All About Posture and Ergonomics Poor Posture and Ergonomics in the workplace is a major cause of back pain and stress in the workplace and can lead to repetitive stress injuries. This Posture and Ergonomics can lead to poor employee health and low morale which will ultimately lead to lower productivity, lost time and higher […]