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Role-of-Physiotherapy in Senior Citizens

The importance of physiotherapy for the elderly

Physiotherapy can help older people maintain their independence, whether they are managing a long-term illness or simply want to improve their overall health and mobility. The goal of physical therapy is to help restore and improve function, reduce pain, and increase mobility to improve strength and balance. Falls are the main reason older people require physical therapy.

As people age, they incline to lose flexibility, strength, and often their balance, so maintaining the desired level of fitness develops increasingly challenging. Loss of these functions could cause a fall that could result in serious injury. Physiotherapy helps improve these functions.

Osteoporosis, which is a progressive bone disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density, can lead to an increased risk of fractures. It is usually the cause of many falls. Physical therapy and a regular exercise package help control the effects of this condition.

Strength training and exercise provided in physical therapy can also help relieve arthritis symptoms. People with arthritis can benefit from physical therapy because it provides exercises to help preserve strength and use of the joints. Physiotherapy also teaches therapeutic methods to alleviate discomfort through physical techniques and activity modifications.

In many cases, physiotherapy is prescribed after a hospitalization. Skimping on post-hospital therapy can have serious repercussions.

Potential consequences of older people skipping physiotherapy, especially after hospitalization:

  • Falls: After a hospital stay, many become weak and more likely to fall. Not receiving therapy after hospitalization could lead to re-hospitalization due to a fall injury.
  • Infections: Without active movement due to weakness that could have been improved with physical therapy, there is an increased risk of pneumonia. There is also an increased potential for skin problems, such as ulcers, that can develop due to lack of movement.
  • Long-term reduction in strength and endurance: During recovery, physical therapy can influence your level of strength and endurance long after your sessions are finished, which can also cause increased pressure blood pressure and heart rate and a decrease in oxygen saturation levels, which can lead to stroke, blood clots, and heart attacks.
  • Reduced education: Education through physiotherapy shows ways to complete the activities of daily living in a more efficient way to help improve physical and mental well-being and quality of life.
  • Increased pain: If you are not moving because you are not receiving physical therapy, your joints tend to stiffen. Reduced mobility leads to more pain.

Physiotherapy for seniors has a variety of benefits that can include not only gaining strength and balance but also providing a renewed sense of confidence. Physiotherapy can restore independence to older people and make daily tasks easier.

Working with a physical therapist will not only reduce pain but will also help improve general strength and ability and decrease the risk of injury, helping you maintain a better quality of life.

The fundamental principles of physiotherapy for the elderly

  • In general, disability is considered to be due to a pathological process or injury, not prima facie to “old age”
  • The effects of biological aging reduce the efficiency of the body’s systems, but throughout life, optimal function is maintained in each individual as they continue to use these systems to their maximum capacity.
  • Physiotherapists play a key role in allowing older people to fully utilize various of the body’s systems to improve mobility and independence.
  • When neither improving nor maintaining functional mobility is a reasonable goal, physical therapists can help to help older people stay comfortable and pain-free.
  • Prevention of the development of problems in old age by promoting health.

How physiotherapy can help older people

The senior age group can develop a fun age group if a person after sixty-five years plans her health plan so. It is necessary to satisfy some special needs to enjoy this stage of life.

There are one hundred and four million older people in India, according to the 2011 census statistics. According to the World Population Fund, the population of older people will increase by twenty percent until 2050.

Older people require special needs according to their health and age group. Older people cannot be treated like people of other age groups. Older people need special care compared to other people. Your parents should receive the best possible physiotherapy session on a regular basis based on their needs.

Physiotherapy for older people may be beneficial considering their age. Older people are susceptible to many problems and issues such as:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Ligament damage
  • Muscular stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • Mobility problem

Importance of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not a treatment therapy, but rather a preventive therapy to prevent injuries, mobility problems, and to increase strength and endurance. Physiotherapy is adopted by millions of people around the world to increase the strength and movement of muscles. Physiotherapy is not limited to the elderly or injured people, rather high-level players adopt highly qualified physiotherapists to improve their momentum and prevent injury. Here are some of the direct benefits of getting regular physical therapy:

  • Increase endurance
  • Maximize function
  • Maximize muscle strength
  • Prevent injuries
  • Promotes health
  • Promotes wellness
  • For seniors:

Physiotherapy is a healthy therapy to improve strength and well-being in older people. Aging comes with its problems and challenges like movement problems, back pain problems, inactivity problems, and blood flow problems.

Pain treatment: Due to muscle weakness in older people, regular physical therapy sessions are necessary to reduce back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Due to advanced age, bones and muscles lose strength over time, requiring an external effort to keep them intact or less brittle.

Caring environment: Physical therapy should be done with an expert physical therapist, as it can cause injury if not done correctly. Proper physical therapy can work wonders for mobility problems in older people. Older people should not try physical therapy themselves, as it can be harmful to them.

Improved stability: In old age, falls are common among the elderly, and these falls can sometimes be fatal. Physiotherapy improves bone and muscle strength along with improvement in impulse-related problems such as climbing stairs, descending stairs, and walking every day.

Improved social environment: Physiotherapy can be done at home, clinic, or hospital. Group physiotherapy can improve the social environment of older people. Normally, older people do not find their companions at home as everyone else is busy with their lives, so doing group physical therapy can recover the social environment around older people.

Above all the benefits, after receiving timely physiotherapy in their old age, the elderly can walk without any doubt falling as safety comes from physical therapy with healthy muscles and bones. Older people can do some mundane tasks on their own without help.

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